Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still around... sorta

Well, we're here still.  Just trying to get through life day to day it seems.  I know Heidi would agree with me that we've both fallen off track, but haven't lost the goal of health.  I think we're both also putting self-love and self-confidence in front of being skinny though.  Being people we like, and live up to the awesomeness that we both know the other one has - others see it too.  We both need to learn and remember that being fat does not make us second class citizens who have to give 110% to others, only to be left with a deficit when it comes to ourselves.

I am still working on making changes in my life that are healthier.  In fact, I've had two pretty amazing opportunities open up to me lately.  First of all, I am working at a gym a couple times a week providing childcare during fitness classes.  Since they are at night, I can leave the Rowdy Bunch at home with Brian, and workout for an hour when I am done,  ALL. BY. MYSELF.  I am not digging the nights, but I am loving the time alone.  I think a friend would be more fun to work out with, but I don't know if I would work harder or not.  Also, a friend of mine, who manages the gym, has offered me some personal training for FREE.  I haven't taken her up on it yet because I haven't found a time that works well for me.  Plus I think if I am honest, I want to get to point where I can do a little more.  I guess maybe what I really need to do is talk to her, and see what she thinks.
 Secondly, I have been given the opportunity to take over the social media and website of a local Organic Farm in exchange for fresh produce and other farm goods, that are ALL organic.  I watched Food, Inc. the other night, and O.M.G.  if you haven't seen that, you really need to.  This May, we have Joel Salatin of Polyface, Inc. (and heavily featured in Food, Inc.) coming here to town to speak. I am still trying to get Brian on board with it, but my plan is for us to slowly switch to more and more organic foods.  Living where we do, our choices for organic foods are quite limited in the grocery store, but we can get there, I know we can.

I haven't run since the end of October.  I was having pain in my foot almost constantly while I ran, and then after a marathon shopping trip with a friend, the pain lasted for almost 3 weeks.  I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor.  My PCP put me in a walking boot, but then after having pain a few days later still, he referred me to an Orthopedic doc.  Apparently my right foot is not the foot of a 30-year-old.  I have arthritis in all the joints, causing me to walk/run wrong, and this is causing cysts on the bones of my toes.  So I spent quite some time in the walking boot, and now I am trying to stay away from things that are high impact on my feet.  So no running for a long time for me.  I will get back there though.  I've been doing weight lifting, and riding a stationary bike.  I plan on getting to the pool soon, too.  Just need to get a new swimsuit.

Hope 2012 is finding you doing well, and loving life!