Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things.  The day after we got home from Salt Lake City, I woke up with a horrible chest cold.  I had to say a prayer of thanks that I hadn't gotten it any sooner than I did - that would have seriously derailed me.  But it's still lingering.... ugh.

I am also heavily involved in two projects/events that are taking up a lot of my time.  Both of these things are very near and dear to my heart, so I am okay with them consuming me for the time being.  One of them is this Saturday morning... the other is the end of May.  That one is a fun run/walk, which I am excited about... I've walked it the last 2 years... this year I plan on running it.

So I am basically saying that I am getting back to the running, slowly, but surely.  So don't think that I've forgotten about it... it's ingrained in me now! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Salt Lake City Adoption 5k Recap

*giggle*  Do you know how cool it is for me that I get to write a RACE recap???  For a race that I ran?!?!?

Okay, let's start at the beginning shall we?

It was a cold and stormy morning.... really.  It was awful.  Our drive from the Frozen Tundra to the Big City was ho.rr.ib.le.  But we made it safe and sound. Just before we headed out for some supper Friday night, I got an email from the race director that the race would NOT be canceled, no matter what the weather was like, but he was trying to modify the course to keep us out of the 3 - 4" deep mud on the original course.  Saturday morning we got up bright and early to get the Rowdy Bunch fed and bundled up before we headed over to Wheeler Farm for the race.  I was pretty nervous when we got there, but I went over and picked up my race bib (can I just say that 125 is my new favorite number???)

We unloaded the Rowdy Bunch, and tried to kill a bit of time before the race started.  I am guessing the temperature was in the low 30s.  And the snow was pretty heavy.

The Rowdy Bunch and I

The new race route had us running a block race rather than the 3 loops originally planned.  I was a bit bummed because it meant I wasn't going to see Brian and the boys a few times like I thought.  It was me on my own until the finish line.  As everyone was getting ready behind the starting line,  I made my way towards the back. I zeroed my ipod stopwatch, and started the tunes.  Raise Your Glass by P!nk came on just as the gun sounded, pretty perfectly.  I had my Broncos hoodie on, with the hood up, that's how cold I was.  I tried to stay near the back because I knew I wasn't going to be the fastest.

The snow made things slick, but not as bad as I'd feared.  About 15 minutes into the race, I started feeling odd.  It took me a few minutes to realize I was HOT! lol  I had been cold so long that morning, I didn't recognize what the feeling was.  I lost probably a minute or so stopping to take my hoodie off and get everything situated again. I was feeling great, enjoying myself and just running.  As I rounded the last corner and could see Wheeler Farm, the tears just came.  I had to walk for a bit because I couldn't breathe.  I knew finishing was going to be emotional for me, but I didn't expect it to hit me that hard.  I started running again, and was so happy (as evidence by my official race photo, which is rather cheesy in my not so humble opinion).  

And then I saw Brian and the boys, and they were cheering (along with all the other spectators at the finish line) and I lost it again.  I ran across the Finish Line, tears streaming down my face, so overwhelmed. 

 The boys ran over and gave me kisses and hugs... it was awesome. So much better than I ever could have imagined.  Matthew kept telling me "I'm so proud of you, Mommy."  And Christopher said "Good job racing, Mommy." ♥  I forgot to stop my ipod as soon as I crossed the finish line, but when I did remember, I didn't think it had been too long.  My ipod said 44:35 - best time yet.  I figured my official time would be close to that, but when the results were finally posted tonight, I was BLOWN away - 41:20.  That's a 13:20 minute mile.  So much for my goal of 50:00 or less, huh?  41:20 is a PR for me.  And such an amazing accomplishment.    I am absolutely going to do this again.  The difference between going out for a run and running in a race is night and day.  

I am so proud of myself, and the fact that I met a MAJOR goal that I set for myself is amazing.  Less than 6 months ago, I made a goal of running a 5k.  To say that I accomplished that is still just amazing to me.  


P.S.  I am so letting myself feel like a BAMF for running my first 5k in all that damn snow! lol  At least for a little while.  It's okay to be hard core now and then.  :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

This is it...

Tomorrow is the big day.  My first 5k.  MY FIRST 5k!!!  

Okay, whew. Sorry, I had to yell it for my head.  I still don't think it's quite sunk in.  I am still nervous, but it's getting better.  Except for one itty-bitty, teensey-weensy little thing.  I like to call that thing Mother Nature.  Apparently Mother Nature is under the impression that if you live in the frozen tundra, and you travel anywhere before, say April 15th, you should take normal frozen tundra weather with you.  Yes, you read that right.  The forecast for the rest of today (our travel day) and tomorrow from the Frozen Tundra to SLC is SN*W!

Snow.... not quite what I bargained for, but I think it will be okay.  I haven't run in over a week.  Stupid legs think I enjoy being in pain.  And I'm prepared for that again for tomorrow, but I WILL push through it.  My goal is 50:00 or less.  I don't know what kind of a monkey wrench the weather will throw into that plan, but it's going to do something! :)

All I care about though is seeing Brian and the Rowdy Bunch at the finish line.  I've come a long long way since October, and after 3.1 miles tomorrow, I will have met a goal that I didn't know was possible!

I did it!

I did it! I stayed on my diet the entire week! When I recommitted to my weight loss journey I told myself I wanted to get back into the 250's by the end of the week. I met my goal! I am back down to 74lbs lost! Very very good feeling! I KNOW I can do this! I know what to do, what to eat. I just have to push myself, and give myself NO excuses! I have to forgive myself and move on when I slip up. I might not be where I want to be, but I'm sure not where I was. I won't go back there. I refuse! So onward, and upward I go!

My next goal 255 by next week.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Today is the day I cast all my excuses and complaints aside and recommit to changing my life! I have gained about 8 pounds back in the past couple of weeks. I am NOT happy with that. I am not happy with the way I am living my life right now. So, I'm going to change!

I am going to be keeping my food diary at myfitnesspal.com I have it set so my updates will post on facebook, just for added accountability. I've heard weight loss is 80% diet, so I am going to go back to my healthy eating. I'm also going to go back to Turbo Jam. Once I get in the groove with the cardio I'm going to add strength/weight training in with ChaLean Extreme.

I am excited! My goal is to get back down to 260 within the next 2 weeks. I hope its manageable! I just received info on my 10 year class reunion... gotta look good you know LOL

For now I must say ttfn. I worked last night, and I've fallen asleep 2 times while writing this blog LOL