Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things.  The day after we got home from Salt Lake City, I woke up with a horrible chest cold.  I had to say a prayer of thanks that I hadn't gotten it any sooner than I did - that would have seriously derailed me.  But it's still lingering.... ugh.

I am also heavily involved in two projects/events that are taking up a lot of my time.  Both of these things are very near and dear to my heart, so I am okay with them consuming me for the time being.  One of them is this Saturday morning... the other is the end of May.  That one is a fun run/walk, which I am excited about... I've walked it the last 2 years... this year I plan on running it.

So I am basically saying that I am getting back to the running, slowly, but surely.  So don't think that I've forgotten about it... it's ingrained in me now! :)

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