Sunday, December 5, 2010

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end...

I had an idea for a blog post earlier, but then I forgot it. LOL I wanted to come on, and let you all know that I worked out! I did the 20 Minute Cardio with Turbo Jam. It was fun, and I am glad I did it. My mother-in-law has been wanting to workout with me. I'm hoping she'll be able to come over and we'll be able to Turbo Jam together. It will be really nice if this is something I could share with her.

I ate healthy today. My legs and ankles were swollen this morning at work. I'm hoping to flush whatever it was out of my system. I drank 64 oz of water plus some today, and had 2 Shakeologies. I'm hoping this will be a good jump start back into a better routine. I have to overhaul my daily routine, and have seperate routines for days I have to sleep/work and days off. I think I'm going to workout before going to work, which means I have to start my "getting ready" routine earlier. I have to get a lot better about pre-planning things such as meals, and grocery shopping. Use my rare days off to get chores done. I can't continue doing things the way I have been. It is very clearly not working.

So I'm back on the highway. Can't say I enjoyed my little detour... it sucked actually. But... every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. I have so much to look forward to, and I have so much further to go. So much more to experience. Can't give up now!

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