Saturday, June 18, 2011

Regaining Lost Ground

So I've been pretty quiet.  The quietness has been my refusal (or denial) to accept that I've lost a lot of ground.  Both on the scale, and with the running.  I could tell you all my excuses reasons why, but I won't.  Because no matter what the issues were, it doesn't change the now. The simple fact is that I wasn't putting in the effort, and I wasn't eating like I should.

One thing I think that has put up a road block for me is fear of who I will be when I get to goal.  Everyone talks about this "new person" they become when they lose weight, or go through any major life altering event.  I don't WANT to change.  I like who I am.  Do they mean personality, or habits, or likes, or what?  I don't do well with change.  I am a planner.  So I have a fear of myself.  Pretty stupid and irrational, but I believe that's the definition of true fear.  Why can't I shake it?  Any suggestions you have on the matter would be HUGELY appreciated.

So I am trying to regain the ground I lost, and just find a "new normal" for me, and go with it.  I want this, I want to be healthier, and know that I will be around for my boys, and that's my driving factor right now - the 3 (okay 4, Brian is one of the Rowdy Bunch, too) of them.

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  1. So glad to hear from you!
    I don't have any advice at this point other than to think of the positive things.

    Try writing out the things that you will like about the 'new you'.

    Hope to hear you get back on track soon!