Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Weigh Day - 11/22

I have left the 250s behind!!!  This morning when I got on the scale it said 247!  3 pounds gone!  I am feeling pretty good about all of this (except for the cold I have right now), and am that much closer to my goal!  I have lost 20% (well, actually it's 21.3% but who's counting - not me of course) of my 1st goal of 61 lbs.

I had a pretty great NSV on Friday, too.  We went to civilization to do a lot of our Christmas shopping.  Since my pants aren't staying up, I needed to find another pair.  When we got to Old Navy, I checked out their clearance section.  They had a nice pair of black pants in a size 20, so I grabbed them and took them to the dressing room with me. I got a great shock when I buttoned them... they were loose!  Like not falling off my rear end loose, but still, they were loose! And when I showed Brian, he said it seemed like a goofy idea to even get them because they didn't look like they would fit me for very long and I'd be in the same place I am right now.  So I grabbed the pair of 18s thinking there was no way, but guess what???  They buttoned too!  And not the ohmyGodIcan'tbreatheinthesebuttheymakemelookskinniersoIamgonnasufferthrough buttoned.  They are snug in the waist and the legs, but I can wear them just fine!  I had planned on taking a picture of myself in them as a reference point, because I do have room to lose, and they are SNUG.  I still plan on doing it, but right now I have the head cold from hell, so it may be a few days.  And this cold better not get in my way too much.  I don't see how I am going to run yet... BOO! but I will try to figure something out!

Oh, and I did Week 4 Day 1 on Saturday, and it was GREAT!  I ran for SIXTEEN minutes total!  That's 2x longer in one workout than I ran during Week 1!  I ran for 5 minutes without stopping.  It was awesome!!!

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  1. Congrats on your 3 lb drop! Isn't it such an awesome feeling when you go shopping and see how all of your hard work paid off?