Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're doing it!

Last week was a good week for me. My weigh day was friday and I lost 3 pounds!! That makes 8lbs, I think, from when Erin and I started this journey together, and 61lbs total! I worked really hard last week, and that was a great reward! Another great reward.... having to pull up my pants at work! My husbands aunt handed down some scrubs to me. They've always been a bit tight in the upper thigh area and fit just right in the waist. Big in all areas now!! My undies are even big! My bras are too big now too. I can't wait go shopping for some smaller clothes. I am going to hold out for a little bit though. I want to skip the 22's and go straight to the 20's, or maybe even 18's. That would be a great feeling!

So, what am I doing to stay on track? I am eating every 2 1/2-3 hours. I've never been a big breakfast person, but I am eating as soon as I get Ethan to school, or very shortly after waking up. then a couple hours later I'll eat a banana or an apple. Then for lunch I am having Shakeology, which is complete nutrition in a glass and only 140 cals. Then another lil something, usually carrots, while I'm making supper, and then of course supper. I try to be done eating after supper. I had one day last week that I felt like I ate a lot of food, and thought for sure I really went over my calories by a lot. But I entered in everything I ate into and found out I actually came UNDER my calorie goal! I am trying to eat clean, and lean. Trying to pump up the protein, and lower my carb consumption. The carbs I eat are always whole wheat, or in my fruits and veggie's. I won't eat white anymore. No potatoes, white rice, pastas, breads, etc.

I am also getting more routined and disciplined with my workouts. Turbo Jam is so much fun, and I am seeing such a difference in my energy level and stamina. I also added some strength training last week. I only used 3lbs weights and I only did one strength workout but I really felt it! I'm hoping to do 2 strength workouts this week, along with my cardio and ab workouts. I can't wait to measure myself again to see how many inches I have lost!

I only have 9 pounds to lose before I can say I've lost 70 pounds! And I only have 14 pounds to lose before I can get my nose pierced! I can't wait! I am so proud to say that Erin and I are working this, and we are DOING IT!!

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  1. You are doing so great Heidi! It's so much fun to see results, too! Very proud of you!!!