Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Weigh Day - 11/29 - FIFTEEN POUNDS GONE!

Well, 16 really.  But who's counting?  Oh yeah - ME!!!
And that's 3 down from last week.  I made it through Thanksgiving and I LOST weight!  Dr. Phil (whom I casually follow - sometimes he makes me want to poke myself and then him in the eye irks me) said that it's not uncommon for people to GAIN 12 pounds between now and Jan. 1!  OMG.  I am hoping to be down another 8 or so by then, not up!

I am feeling so good and positive about my life changes.  I have been trying to find things that Brian will do with me.  He says he has something against running, so he won't do that with me (though it really is too cold for us to run outside, and I think CPS would frown upon us leaving the boys alone at this point).  But I did find a Hundred Push-ups Challenge that we are doing together (and so is Heidi!!!) and we're enjoying.  It takes you from being able to do X amount of push-ups to around 100 in 6 weeks or so.  Very similar to the C25k program in that it's progressive.  I can already see that it's working - Monday I did a 4 push-up max, and yesterday on Day 3, I did 7!  Brian has increased his max from 14 to 18 too.  I am very proud of him.

Today was Week 5 Day 2 of the C25k (can you believe I am still doing this 6 weeks later?!?!?!) and I felt awesome after my run.  I ran for 8 minutes 2 times!  I ran more than I walked, including the warm up and cool down!  Wednesday I am on schedule to run for 20 minutes with NO walks.  I must admit, this makes me a little nervous.  20 minutes!?!?  That's a LONG time.  Like really long.  But I can do it.  I will make it work for me.  This is a shout out to all you music lovers.... I need help!!!  Right now I have 3 songs I listen to when I am doing the running portion of my workout -
"Raise Your Glass" by P!nk
"Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry  and
"Jump" by Van Halen

I need more songs ASAP that are fast paced like that.  It's getting easier and easier for me to lose myself in the music while I am running, but I can't mess with my iPod every 3 minutes if I expect to make it through the 20 minute run.  Part of my "strategy" is to not look at how much time I have left.  It psychs me out to see that I still have 4 minutes, or whatever.

Speaking of "Jump" though, I've been thinking about a new reward.  Please try to follow my convoluted ramblings here.

I had a cousin named Tony who was a bit older than I was (15 or so years, I think).  He was so much fun, played with my sister and I, was funny, and just a neat guy (a lot like his siblings).  When I was in jr. high, Tony was diagnosed with Leukemia.  He was newly married, had a baby girl, and in an instant his life changed.  I don't know the circumstances of how it came about, but I believe after he was diagnosed, he went tandem sky diving.  Our grandparents were living in Colorado near us, and Tony was in California.  Somehow a copy of his sky diving video wound up in Colorado.... the song playing during that jump was "Jump."  Every time I hear that song, I think of Tony and miss him.  But it's also lit a new fire under me.  I want to jump, too.  Every run, every time I hear that, I get a little closer to my goal.  Heidi and I have talked about meeting and sky diving together when we are both at our goals.  I don't know what I want mine to be.  199 is just my first goal.  But I do know I want to do it, even though it scares the you-know-what out of me.

I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving.  I know mine was, for many, many reasons!


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