Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am determined!

I have really been thinking lately about goals. I've been thinking about what I need my goals to be, and how I'll reach those goals. I had a complete mental block over this for a long while. Knowing I had to change something, and work towards something, but it never came to me what I'd work towards. I had an epiphany in the car. I want to lose 100 pounds! Not 100 pounds from where I'm at now, but 100 pounds total from when I started this journey in April of 09. It is a goal I'll be able to reach healthily. I wouldn't have to kill myself to get there, and I'd feel very accomplished. A goal I've been looking forward too for a while is even losing 75 pounds. I told myself a couple months ago that when my weight loss reached 75 pounds I would do something silly, and selfish, and something I've wanted to do for over 10 years. I'm going to get my nose pierced! When I lose 100 pounds I want to jump up and down and celebrate in a big way. I'm not sure what yet, but I'm thinking an out of town trip... maybe to the Tundra Lodge in Green Bay, or a romantic weekend getaway.

I decided that either Friday or Saturday nights will be my official weigh in nights, depending on what nights I work that week. So, last night was Saturday and I hopped on the scale. The scale beeped and I looked up and... 276! I lost 2 pounds! Very exciting, and I am thrilled! So now that I know my current weight, and I know my goal weight will be 232, its time for me to do some math and map it all out. Here is what I came up with:
~I have lost 56 pounds.
~I have 19 pounds to lose until I am officially 75 pounds lighter and I get my nose pierced.
~I have 44 pounds to lose by the first weekend of April 2011, and I will reach my goal of losing 100 pounds in 2 years.

I have 25 weeks to lose that 44 pounds. My mini-goal is to lose 2 pounds each week. If I maintain that 2lbs a week, that'll put me at 50 pounds by April, which is OVER my goal! I am so determined to do this! I will NOT FAIL!

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